Wednesday, January 18, 2012

CTDYNE: LTX Combo Mount Info

Brian, AKA Tagferret, wielding a Phoenix with the Combo Mount
Duncan MacKinnon of CTDYNE trying out the Combo Mount
A little while back I shared information on this blog about a fantastic piece of equipment developed by Custom Tag Dynamics (CTDYNE) headed up by a laser tag hero of mine: Mike Yates.  He's responsible for the optics installed in my M41A Pulse Rifle project and has been great to work with the better half of this decade on laser tag projects in general. He developed the LTX Combo Mount as a one piece combination scope/stock mount that can be attached to the LTX with no modification to the tagger and do this without the loss of any of the original functions of the base tagger.  I've covered it in 3 posts that you can reference below for additional information and photos of it's abilities to mount equipment onto an LTX.

The main question that has been on folks minds since the LTX Combo Mount pictures surfaced was "Will more be made for sale?!?"  ...and rightfully so!  Most of CTDYNE's modifications, while equally impressive, are entire blasters that have been customized from the ground up.  They are unique pieces, much like how my LTX DMR is.  If they were to be for sale, it would probably be the sale of the single unit, since replicating these systems would require much work.  However, the LTX Combo Mount can attach itself to any base Pheonix LTX without modification of the actual blaster, which makes it ideal for production and sale.  Still, these pieces are complicated and each unit would need to be hand-built by CTDYNE.  Still, fans couldn't help but ask if such a thing could be done.
After trading many e-mails with CTDYNE, 5 LTX Combo Mounts were fabricated for sale to friends of Mr. Yates.  I am lucky enough to be one of the recipients of this masterful piece of equipment, so you can bet I'll be reviewing it like crazy.  I intend to share it among the loyal players in my laser tagging group so that folks here can enjoy this rare accessory.  

There are a few changes that Mike noted in these 5 production models. In an effort to cut costs on the project the original design was simplified . I'm told that this version requires a little more care when installing on the LTX but requires fewer man-hours to manufacture, less material and a smaller number of parts. This version should still retain the fit, form and function of the original that has been shown on this blog.  Included here are 3 of the 5 production LTX Combo Mounts built by CTDYNE.

These units are not cheap to build, let alone considering how much time it must have taken CTDYNE to build 5 units.  I am grateful that I'm lucky enough to purchase one of these 5 units.  Before you ask, the other 4 units have been called for, so you can save yourself the time of asking "Can I get one of the others?"  They're also a bit pricey for most Nerf and Laser Tag fans, but I can't pass up this opportunity to get my hands on one of these.  I'll post images once I've received mine.


  1. LUCKY! If you ever get tired of it just let me know.

  2. That's Brian(Tagferret) with the LTX in the first picture, not Dave.

  3. I was lucky to have the 1st combo-mount made for me. It worked great at Fort Tag. I believe the Tagferret himself (poorly disguised as David Roman) is the intended recipient of the last available example of this limited-production CTDYNE creation. He looks pretty comfortable with it.
    - Duncan

  4. Looks awesome, i hope they produce some more.....

  5. Does anyone recognize the parts they're using? It looks like a G36 stock, but I can't tell what the part is it's attached to on top. Looks like an upper receiver cover or something with some rail mounts screwed into it.

    1. Ok, I seem to have stumbled across the parts they're using. In case anyone wants to build one of these, the stock and stock attachment is the back part of the body of a Double Eagle M41A electric G36-style airsoft rifle. The saddle mount on top is from a Double Eagle M47 airsoft shotgun, though it seems to also be packaged with other models. Generic parts include: a square metal bar under the saddle mount to hold the rail adapters; two rail adapters; a metal plate to close off the open front end of the stock attachment/G36 body; various screws.