Monday, September 12, 2011

CTDYNE: LTX Combo Mount

The folks who inspired me to start digging into Laser Tag as a hobby have released a new piece of equipment that has me wowed.  Custom Tag Dynamics (CTDYNE),which is headed up by some of my laser tag heroes, has released images and information regarding their latest advancement for the Phoenix LTX Blasters.  It's truly remarkable and I'm thoroughly impressed with their work, as always.
LTX Combo Mount

"The challenge was to design, fabricate and assemble a one piece combination scope/stock mount that could be attached to the LTX with no modification to the tagger and do so without the loss of any of the original functions of the LTX tagger. The recoil/light up hammer, ambidextrous reload levers and the speaker would all need to remain intact. Also the unit would need to be able to be used on any LTX and be easily removed to allow the use of the original red dot scope if desired. The shoulder stock used with this mount would also have to easily and quickly removable without tools.

The challenge was met at CTDYNE with the LTX combo scope/shoulder stock mount you see here. This unit attaches to the LTX utilizing two clamps that attach to the original accessory rails on the top of the LTX. The full length accessory rail on the combo mount can accept a wide array of sighting options. From the full size 3X9-40 shown in these images to a compact red dot type device.  Two clamp assemblies can be seen as can the internal stiffener that runs the length of the unit as well as some of the cross bracing needed to provide rigidity to the structure."

CTDYNE always does fantastic work and their solutions to tagging problems keep getting better and better.  Their craftsmanship is impeccable and their ideas are really what drive their creations to be among the best out there.  In terms of consumer-grade laser tag products, I don't know of any other individual or group who has even come close when it comes to the reputation that CTDYNE has established for itself.  I have been fortunate enough to work closely with CTDYNE and am excited to see them still producing great equipment to better the hobby I know and love as Laser Tag!


  1. Typical Mike Yates attention to design and construction. I look forward to using this inspired mod at Fort Tag in the Northwest (OLCA is welcome).
    - Duncan

  2. I love the design, and versatility of it.