Friday, January 27, 2012

Congrats, Ninjadude123! Now for a Box of Scraps!

Well, this week's winner was somehow "Anonymous", who was last seen leaving a comment on Jan 21, 2012 at 1:48 AM.  Through a bit of silly drama this morning, I've figured out who it was.  Ninjadude123 is our winner and he's got the Nerf Bandoleer AND 2 Clips with 18 Streamline Darts headed his way!

This week's question is about modifications.  What's your favorite modified blaster?  It doesn't even have to be a mod you've done yourself.  Share a link to a picture if you want to!  Just tell us what made it stand out to you!  And since this blog is for Nerf AND Laser Tag, I'll accept answers for either (or both!)

Which brings me to the prize:  A Box of Scraps!  But not just ANY old scraps, but springs, plungers, and among the items is a full Longshot Plunger system with Bolt sled!  This box would be great for any Nerf Modder!  So answer that question with a comment below to enter to win!!


  1. That's a hard question... But I think I can narrow down to these two--One aesthetic, one inte--Oh,wait, more like external.

    Damon's sick SteamPunk Mav:

    and Pauses Mav/Titan remix:

    Both are beautifully done and are great ideas. I'm still loving the cleanliness of that combo and the oxidation on that Maverick. Mmm...

  2. Personally of all the guns I've modified I'd definitely have to go with my recently favored sidearm the scout.
    I did that so far as part of a commission I'm doing, but I love the minimized look of it so much I'm definitely going to make one in the future just for myself.
    Perfect handle, just enough power to be fun and useful, and just a good looking gun all around.

  3. Awww triangle already said the mav/titan.

    well i guess my other favorite is the Big Salvo Mod

    I like this mod because i have not seen it and he doubled the barrels!

  4. Thanks ∆. :)
    What is my favorite modified blaster? Wow, this is a tough question, but I think I can handle this...
    My favorite modified blaster would have to be a Nerf Longshot by the name of:
    Optimus Primary! It was built by Rogue from NerfRevolution.
    I couldn't find another link for it, but here is the sale thread on NerfHaven from awhile back:

  5. I am pretty weird aren't I? Well, 1:don't send me the bandolier etc. stuff. don't need it. 2: I haven't modded much. You could show me any blaster and if it has LEDs I'd think it's awesome. The golden mav I got though is pretty cool. I can't wait to see it's range.

  6. Hmm... Honestly it depends on what I am using the blaster for. If I'm in the middle of a war I like my HVZ Quadshot the best, but for ranges I like my Maverick with a SSSB tank integration.

  7. My favorite modded Nerf blaster would have to be Sgt. Mik's 5-in-1 Longshot w/Titan integration. To bad he's not a Nerf modder anymore. His 5-in-1 Longshot was the main inspiration for me to start modding. I'm wanting to eventually make a replica for myself.
    C-dog (8-D

  8. My Favorite modded blaster is the clear Longshot. It is so clear it may or may not be invisible.

    But honestly...I have to say makeitgo's Octoshot is pretty nice.


    Fallen Angel's Doomsayer.

    As for modded by favorite would be a nitefinder. Why? Call me a softy, it was my first blaster I modded. So sentiental reasons I said that.

  9. I have to say visually I love Lord Drac's Battle Rifle as well as all his Fanger schemed blasters. Internally I really liked what was done to the Tech Target by Lord Drac as well as the similar mod by you. (I really like the Tech Target even though I don't have my own)

  10. i like jerms vulcan handgun and dracs nitestrike!!!

  11. Link dump!
    That was on NH a while ago. Done by Banshee.
    Because it awesome.
    I cannot wait for Andtheherois's version.
    And one of my all time favorites, Rogue's RockStar LS.
    (scroll, you'll find it)

  12. I would have to say I like MakeItGo's hypermaxx 1500. A supermaxx 1500 with ten auto rotating barrels is epic! And the ranges almost broke the century mark.
    Also, I like Drac's gun blade, because it's a nerf gun you can throw. Although it looks ugly and doesn't have amazing ranges, it was a unique design.

  13. My favorite modified blaster is the Maverick I have by Drac, although Angel Breached Longshots and such are pretty awesome.

  14. Not trying to be a kiss up(unless that helps)But I like the modded vulcan that you did. As for my favorite laser tag blaster once again not trying to be a kiss up, But I really like the LTX DMR.

  15. I love the Doomsayer just based on combat effectiveness. I want a ERTL/Outdoor Sportsman RFSG so bad!!!!

  16. I love ball blasters, and while googling around I found a cool mod for the Motorized Ballzooka MP150, replacing the wimpy stock motors with a pair of cordless drill motors. Showed everyone that a ball blaster can definitely make a great primary.

    The second version had a proper variable speed trigger added.

    I haven't done any mods worth any note at all, but these two really caught my eye, as I love the MP150.

  17. My favorite modded gun would be a Vulcan with a 24v battery and a stronger motor that can handle the high voltage and an internal cooling system, not only that, but I would also make it a remote turret, meaning I would put a camera on it, have live feeds to a computer and be able to control it with it placed on the ground far away or in the back on someone's quad and have them drive and me shoot!

  18. I really love anything...but flying chicken on the forum's chicken bow (BBB+2k) is purely amazing, especially when he wields it :D but on the side of homemades NoM pumpsnaps :O out of this planet. I picked those mostly becuase I've seen them in person. But have you seen MIG's flaming octoshot... :D

  19. I think Jerms airzone crossbow with the 2k integration is awsome!. and maybe his firefly/big blast.