Thursday, September 15, 2011

More on the LTX Combo Mount

I've been exchanging e-mails with CTDYNE about the possibility of producing additional LTX Combo Mounts.  Myself, and others in the Laser Tagging community, have shown a great interest in this particular unit. In the past, CTDYNE has made all kinds of impressive custom units but these are obviously one time fabrications that are not intended to be built and distributed even on a limited run.  However, I think the nature of this LTX Combo Mount and how it does not need to modify the Phoenix LTX to work is an attractive feature that would mean that it could fit on anyone's blaster.

The main issue that CTDYNE pointed out would be the likelihood of a high cost to reproduce these.  The parts that they use are for Airsoft Rifles and, unless he were to purchase entire Airsoft rifles just to rid them of the stock and rail system, would not be cost efficient.  Getting in touch with the company that produces these to get the specific parts would hopefully reduce the cost, but nothing is guaranteed with that.  Additionally, you can imagine just by looking at the craftsmanship and detail that went into this unit that a good amount of time would need to be invested to build more of these, even on a limited production.

CTDYNE told me this
I will have to do some research on cost and availability of materials and design simplification before I can get an idea of just how much I would have to charge and how many I may produce, if any. I would be nice to have some idea of just what the demand for the CTDYNE LTX combo mount is.

I showed CTDYNE the blog post that I and Urban Taggers made about his LTX Combo Unit to show some support for the idea of this becoming a reality.  They also sent me some more pictures of the LTX Combo Unit with other options attached to it that I'm sharing here in an attempt to show more support for the idea of this unit being fabricated on a small-scale production.  Right now, it seems like the best thing we can do to support him in this endeavor is to show that support.  Leave a comment if you'd even be remotely interested in a product like this to upgrade your LTX.  It's either that, or wait another year for the next LT system to come out!  I'd rather benefit from BOTH!

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  1. I think its a fantastic idea. thanks for posting these shots and investigating the possibility of producing mor of these I for one would definately order a couple! BB