Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Arduino Rayven Progress #1

While Sundawg is working on his LTX Dimmer Switch, my friend "German" is already digging into the new Nerf Rayven as a platform for a Laser Tag recasing.  The 4 AA-cell inbuilt battery tray will serve his project well, as he installs an Arduino motherboard that will host the Laser Tag programming.  Not only that, but this Rayven will continue it's trend of being "Tacticool" by mounting a Tac Light and a EOTech Sight on it's rails.  I'll bring you more updates as additional progress is made on this new blaster.
With the Arduino board at it's heart, he can have this blaster be compatible with whatever laser tag system he can program into it.  Currently we've been able to replicate Laser Challenge signals (which are quite simple) and we're finishing up work on the LTX/LTTO compatibility.  It's a level of compatibility that we've yet to achieve before and it's my hope that once we perfect this system that it will serve as the heart for all future Laser Tag projects.

This phase of the project is simply preparing the shell for the aesthetic changes.  The most notable change is the front barrel, which will house a Laser Challenge Virtual Paintball lens (capable of ranges around 1200 feet).  You can see he's rebuilt some of the front of the blaster with a part from the Longshot Front Gun as well.  I'll get more updates as they become available.


  1. This interests me greatly, as Arduinos are sold at local radioshacks....

    Maybe a writeup on how the physical components are attatched to the arduino unit...and for that matter, what components are actually used?

    Pretty please?

  2. Good to see deployment of German's Arduino board. It's adaptability to different tag technologies should make it a new, standard configuration. Happy New Year to the OLCA.
    - Duncan

  3. Great project and very easy understanding for new engineering students.
    what is arduino

  4. I'm getting into Arduinos and interested to see any code that you guys develop to integrate LTTO/LTX gear. Right now I'm working on a landmine accessory for use in hosted games. Mostly going off work that afaucher has done:

  5. I have been modding the Rayven too, But I have been more focused on the electronics.