Wednesday, July 6, 2011

M41A Pulse Rifle

Work has finally resumed on this project that I started in September of 2009.  I realize that many of you are unfamiliar with this work, so I created a quick video to get you up to speed with what this project is all about.

More details of what has already been done will be coming, mixed in with new aspects of this project as it rolls along.


  1. Have you checked out Light Strike yet? It looks like it might have some killer potential for an integration! :P

  2. I've seen plenty of Light Strike information flooding the scene recently. We're able to actually program our own boards to be compatible with Laser Challenge Gear, of which we have 40+ sets for already. I'm not planning on switching over to a brand new system when we have that much equipment already for LC. From what I've seen from Light Strike, it wouldn't work out well for our group anyways, since we play outdoors at long ranges.