Friday, January 13, 2012

Light it Up! ...Amazing!

Nerf Mods & Reviews shared some information with us, namely two short commercials for the Vortex Lumitron and the N-Strike Rayven.  I've already given these commercials their deserving criticism, so I'll spare this post from any more of that.

We already know the ins and outs of the Rayven thanks to it's early release, but the commercials confirmed at least one thing about the Lumitron for me that was being considered: no "Slam Fire" mode on it.  The Abercrombie & Fitch model that showcased it's firing was manually priming each shot, just like the Praxis.  I was hoping that Nerf would at least make some type of minor change to differentiate the Lumitron from the Praxis, but unless their model actor wasn't aware of the function, it looks like the only differences between these two blasters is the name and color.

Ahh who am I kidding?  I can't just leave it at that!  If you haven't seen the commercials, you would probably be happier by keeping it that way.  Of the 45 second video, 25 seconds of it are devoted to "Don't play in complete darkness" warnings and Nerf Firefly Tech 3D logos.  Then, for the 20 seconds of actual content, the amazing script writer had this to say.
"What's up, Nerf Nation?  Two amazing new blasters are coming out, and I'm gonna give you a sneak peek at one of them:  the amazing Vortex Lumitron.  This new Firefly Tech is gonna light it up."
Other than the fact that he needs an amazing thesaurus, the commercial doesn't ever tell folks that Firefly Tech is for glow-in-the-dark darts and disks.   You can see the Firefly Tech clips glowing at the top, but due to the lighting for the commercial, you never really get to see the disks (or darts) glowing in the commercials.  I think THAT'S the amazing part of the blaster, not the recolored Praxis missing it's stock.

Oh well, rant over.  Now we get to see how early the Lumitron will actually get released since retailers almost always get these things shelf-side before the actual release date.  I wonder if that's why I have yet to see a Rayven at Toys R Us?  They seem to be more true to actual "release dates" while Wal-Mart and Target could care less, putting the stock out when they get it.


  1. The AMAZING Lumitron and the AMAZING Rayven CS-18. Shame they never actually say much of anything about the blasters.

  2. I seriously have no idea why they didn't at least change something with the Lumitron like adding slamfire, makes it a bit of a pointless buy especially without the stock! I bet the tube mags and discs will pop up on ebay, at which point i'll just buy that and shove it in my Praxis, then I'll have an AMAZING Praxis!

  3. My walmart has only gotten stuff LATE or on time but missing one or two. Haven't seen any Nerf leak out here.