Sunday, September 18, 2011

Even MORE on the LTX Combo Mount!

CTDYNE just doesn't stop!  Though these additions aren't earth-shattering, further development adds even more options for Weaver Rail-mounted accessories.  Here he's got a foregrip addition to the Shot Blast handle, as well as side-mounted Weaver Rails for flashlights.  
The vertical fore grip is attached to the accessory rail now fastened to the pump handle of the shot blast module. This grip can be attached/removed in seconds without tools. When removed, a rubber cover can be slipped over the aluminum accessory rail to provide protection from the edges of the rail during rapid shot blast cycling.
They have also fastened a small section of aluminum rail to the left side of the combo mount to provide a place for tac lights or whatever accessory might be useful in this location.

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  1. Sorry to say right now the pictures have broken links.