Wednesday, January 4, 2012

LTX Display Dimmer

My buddy who goes by "Sundawg" is one of my go-to guys for complicated electronics work.  He's done wiring and work on my LTX DMR, Pulse Rifle, and other laser tag recasing projects for a reason!  Tonight, as I did grunt work getting a 2.5 kg Spring from OMW installed in his Stampede, he was working hard on a Dimmer for the display lights on his LTX.  This LTX is already running a Sniper-class lens (capable of ranges over 1000 feet) and a recased shotblast, so now he'll be able to control the brightness of the LED output on his display gauges.  The switch replaces a spot where one of the reload levers used to be.  The opposite reload lever is now a push-button reload, which makes those mid-combat reloads much easier and faster than the standard manual reload.  I've yet to see anyone do it, so I thought I'd share the progress here.

A look at the Dimmer Switch mid-installation
This blaster will be ready to go for a Winter Laser Tag Game being held by the OLCA this Saturday.  We'll be running with LTX and LTTO blasters for this one and for the night/low light games, a dimmer switch will not only let Sundawg be more stealthy/harder to detect, but it will also mean he doesn't have LEDs blaring light in his eyes killing his nightvision as he lines up those long distance shots.


  1. Dimmable display is a neat feature. I'm always impressed with Sundawg's mods.
    - Duncan

  2. Does this dim the Strength display also? Do the LED's dim completely?
    - Thanks,