Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lumitron Sighted! ...sorta

Since the beginning of the year, my local Wal-Mart has had a pretty dismal selection.  Much like other stores I've heard about, it still seemed cleaned out from the Christmas rush, with no large blasters and a depleted stock in general.  However, on a routine trip there I decided to check out the section again.  I was delighted to see some of the stock returning with new Super Soakers on shelves.  There's still a lot of big gaps on the shelves, but the most intriguing part of it was this price tag with empty shelf space behind it.

Aside from the fact that Lumitron is incorrectly spelled (hey, it's Wal-Mart.  Give 'em a break) it's a little pricier than I had anticipated.  They had the Rayven in stock there too at it's normal price, so I guess the "Light it Up!" series is gonna deplete your wallet a little more.  This is especially sad for those who were planning on having a "Glow battle" by putting Firefly Tech clips in Vortex and N-Strike blasters.  It's just too darned expensive to pull that off right now until the Firefly Tech magazines are sold separately.

Like I said, Super Soakers are on shelves, with a full showing.  I was actually surprised to see the Scatter Blast and Point Break back, as I figured with the Microburst and Electrostorm, they'd be replaced.  Nevertheless, the 2012 Super Soaker lineup looks to add the new blasters into the existing 2011 lineup.  By the way, that Microburst is TINY!  Took a shot of it next to my hand to prove a point about it's size.  I'm also increasingly interested in the idea of using the Electrostorm as a laser tag recasing, since it tots 4 AAs again, like the Thunderstorm and Lightningstorm.  Could be a neat sidearm blaster.

And, for the first time ever, I was threatened at Dart Point over FaceTime when talking with my girlfriend.  I took this Golden opportunity to nab a screen capture in my proud moment.  I armed her with a Jolt to shoot silverfish in her apartment, since she doesn't like directly crushing them in a tissue or anything.  I think she's had more fun with it terrorizing her roommate though!
So let's wrap things up.  Lumitron has a hefty pricetag for a recolored stock-less Praxis.  Super Soaker's lineup is bigger than I thought.  I wanna install laser tag guts in an Electrostorm.  The Microburst at least lives up to it's "micro" name, and my significant other has a Sonic Dart with my name on it next time I get to see her.  Great!


  1. Yesterday I saw a 16 pack of glow rayven darts at walmart and some actual clearance clearance. Big shock to see those darts. 3 months early too I think. Our walmart would never do that. They're still missing a few blasters at the nerf aisle too. Did I mention the lego aisle was almost cleared out? Oh man, I can't wait.

  2. Bah at least the Rayven has the excuse for its price of being a semi auto flywheel blaster. The Lumitron is just a Praxis, and you don't even get the ruttin' stock! I'll pass, thanks. Might get a FF-tech magazine when it comes out for my Praxis, but the Lumitron is just too expensive to justify, especially since it has no stock.

    I just had an awesome idea: A firefly tech Raider and Stampede, in the FF-tech colors. The 35-round FF-tech drum would be pretty flipping cool!

  3. just saw the same tag at a walmart near me. I looked around for a few minutes, and couldn't find any employee to help me out or i woulda asked for more info. if they had any in back, etc..