Friday, January 13, 2012

Congrats to TheHornetSquad! New Giveaway too!

If there's one thing I might like better than awarding the prize to somebody, it's reading up on all of your responses.  It's neat seeing everyone's angles on what they like most.  This week's randomly selected winner is TheHornetSquad, who is actually a newer follower I've noticed.  Checked out their YouTube channel and saw their war videos.  It looks like a lot of fun just to make those videos, so now they've got a Nerf Element to add to their arsenal!  Maybe it'll become a new favorite?

This week's question concerns the only element that is truly "Nerf" about these blasters: the darts!  I'd like to know what N-Strike dart you prefer to use.  It can be for any reason be it that you like the blasters that use them or you're a fan of how it performs!  You could even be specific like "Green Dart Tag Velcro Darts because I LOVE green darts and I like how they stick to things!"  (That's literally a quote from my cousin who loves everything that's green!)

In answering this question, you'll be entered to win a never-before-opened bag of 35 Red Exclusive Streamline Darts!  This bag came with the Clear Series Raider from Target and I saved 'em just for you guys!  So if you want to fill the air with red foam or you really want a dart to match your ultra-rare Red Strike series blasters, tell us about your favorite dart and they could be yours!


  1. I used to love the Dart Tag Whistler darts (new ones) because they flew far and I liked the whistling but as of late I've been switching to Sonic darts, as the Dart Tag darts are too hard at the ends with all my modded blasters now, they can really sting. Sonic darts fly far, whistle, and are soft enough that they don't sting. Specifically I like the black foam+orange head sonic darts, as they stand out from all the others.

  2. My favorate darts thus far is a tie; Sonic (whistler) darts of any variety because, the low-pitched whistle is neat, and gives a feel like your shooting something with serious velocity, and Streamline darts, specifically the whiteout series streamlines, because most of my preferred blasters are clip-fed, and it would appear according to tests done on the hvz forums, the whiteout darts have the best overall performance due to foam density, tip weight/density and other stuffs...

    I've gotta say though, those Red Streamlines would look epic firing out of a black/dark painted blaster. (black/red is my favorite color combo, as you could tell from my custom maverick over on UN.)

  3. I have to say that I have been loving the new glow in the dark firefly tech streamlines. (the ones with the rayven) when playing in lowlight conditions, or inside they are the easiest ever to find (turn off the lights once you've fired em and voila) XD and I think they look cool anyway. I like just the white darts.

  4. I like streamlines the best, they just shoot well out of most my guns. I also like the old tagger darts because it is hard to argue with them when they hit you. i'm not sure if these would count but the XLR disks are also in my list of favorite foam projectiles.

  5. I love buying darts that match my blasters. For example, when I bought my Whiteout NiteFinder I also purchased a pack of Whiteout Streamlines. Or when I bought my Sonic Recon I also picked up a pack of Sonic darts.

  6. My preference changes a lot. =P

    I used to like the streamline darts a ton... But now I've shifted over to liking whistler ones. Who knows, I might move on to taggers next.

    With the whistler darts, I'm really liking the green flavor. The whole orange head/green body appeals to me. Maybe you should show your cousin some of them--they might become a second favorite. ;0)

  7. I have to say. I like Suction darts. It brings me back to a simpler time. A time when...I was a kid. These darts were in all blaster/toy guns back in the day. From fake cowboy six shooters, to nerf guns. The Mega darts have suctions too. My first blaster was the razor fang, and I loved it.

  8. Tag Darts were and still are my favorites. They had just the right balance to give them perfect stability firing from my old crossbow. No spray and pray there. Every shot was consistent and therefore accurate. The only downside is the heads are too big and stick out a tad too far for some revolver-style blasters to rotate freely, and magazine-fed guns are out of the question entirely.

    1. They do work in those integrated magazine blasters like the Speedload 6 and Quick 16 though.

    2. but I'm pretty sure he meant the N-Strike clip fed ones.

  9. Wow!? I actually won? Holy cow!!! I will be sure to send you my adress in reply to the email you sent me.

    As for THIS weeks question:

    The suction darts are the worst. They have the worst range, and average accuracy. They shall be our standard rating. I will be assuming all darts are in perfect condition, and not torn or damaged.

    Streamlines have better range than a suction dart, but about the same in accuracy.

    Dart Tag darts are a bit rangier, but not by much. They have the same accuracy.

    Discs (VORTEX) are VERY rangy, but at the cost of accuracy and speed. It is actually easier to block discs the further away the foe is when he shoots you. And the deflection makes it hard for the disc to be found. Man, they bounce far. They are still awesome, and you can still be pretty accurate with it. Sniping time!

    Sonic Micro darts are the BEST. They have the range of Streamlines, but even better accuracy then the before mentioned Suction darts. They are my favorite, as well.

    So that's it. I shall be looking forward to that Element. I wonder how well it shoots with Sonic darts...

  10. I love Tagger darts. They are the most accurate (According to me, anyway) and they are easy to carry around. However, I still like Whistler darts. They are just fun to hear, and when the enemy hears one coming, they're like "What the heck is that?", only to get hit by one a couple of second later. :D I put smiley faces on the tips of mine. Hehehe... ;)

  11. This one's kinda biased. I like the streamlines. Why? Because the clip system good. You can never have too many darts. EVER

  12. I like the streamline whiteout darts, because they look AWESOME! Also, according to some other guy that posted, they shoot better, and who can argue with that??

  13. As much as I like Streamlines I have to say I love Whistlers. Whistlers were what I played with back when we had blue nitefinders and it got to a point where me and my brother ended up throwing them at each other (with great success) if we ever lost our Nitefinders (at the moment they are lost so yes if we come across whistlers we do dart throws) I'm especially taking to Green Whistlers because they work a bit nicer but aesthetically Red ones were awesome to have (bit more worn down now)

  14. Huh I guess my comment never worked earlier eh?
    Well I use The new DTG darts in stock wars for many reasons:
    -good accuracy compared to others as it has 4 even holes
    -^still whistles well
    -hilarious when they stick on someone
    -look pretty good
    -a nice balance to me
    But in the case of extreme accuracy we have stefans.. but that is for another time :)

  15. I like the NEW tagger darts because they shoot further and better than regular micro darts!