Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Update: LTX Accessories and NEW LT System!

What will the new system be like?!?
Last fall I announced that Shoot the Moon (the developers of Hasbro's Phoenix LTX and Tiger Electronic's Lazer Tag Team Ops) was coming out with a new system that would be backwards compatible on a basic level with both the LTX and LTTO blasters.  I also announced that TagFerret, who works for STM, would be releasing kits to make unreleased options for the Phoenix LTX.  I haven't had a whole lot to report on this matter as of late because, quite honestly, there's not much else to say right now.  I had been waiting to hear more about both of these advancements and asked my friends on the LTAG Message Board if they had any inside information on it.  Mike Yates of CTDYNE delivered the most informative answer, so I'll just relay that here:
It just so happens I had the opportunity to ask TagFerret about this very topic last week. Windjammer is correct. The ferret said the work on the new tagger has been “an all-consuming effort” that has left him with no time for the RapidBlast kit project. He had hoped to get the PCBs and software for the RapidBlast barrels done by the start of December 2011. Obviously that schedule has slid to the right. He also said that the project is about 90% done. He has some software work for the PCB and mold making tasks left for the IRLED holder. He has not yet ordered any of the PCBs pending final check of the software. So this project has not been forgotten just put on hold until his work load lightens up. Looking forward to seeing just what the new tagger looks like and the features of this new gear. Come On Toy Fair! 
Mike Yates

Toy Fair 2012 will take place February 12-15, 2012 (Sunday-Wednesday) and will be our first official glimpse at the newest Lazer Tag system that's scheduled to hit next winter!  Those of us in the Laser Tag hobby are VERY excited to see what STM has with their new system, but you can check out info I've been able to gather up about it so far with the links below.

RapidBlast attachment.  What Hasbro SHOULD'VE released!
It sounds like TagFerret still plans to finish those LTX Accessories as well.  Work with the new LT system has taken up more time than he had anticipated, but with them being about 90% done, I doubt this would be something he would flat-out drop.  Older information on the LTX Accessories can be found here.


  1. This is the first I have seen or heard of the RapidBlast atachment. For what it's worth I am totally on board with the Spetsnaz AK47 styling.

    Also, did you get my email?