Why Tag?

I'm often asked why, if I like Nerf and Laser Tag, don't I do Airsoft or Paintball as well?  I have my own personal reasons for sticking to these seemingly juvinille games and, while it's nothing against Airsoft or Paintball, these are the reasons I choose to do what I do.  I won't make it a point to say why I'm not an avid Airsoft or Paintball enthusiast.  Instead, these are the reasons I enjoy Nerf and Laser Tag.

The World is your Battlefield
While it would probably be bad to break into a Laser Tag game during a Church Service or a Nerf War in the middle of a Physics Lecture, you can literally play anywhere.  From a quick game in your own home to a full-scale 20 on 20 outdoor war in the wilderness, these friendly games are often welcome whereever you can manage to have them.  Nerf Games require a simple dart pickup at the conclusion of the games and Laser Tag leaves nothing behind.  Neither game is destructive or causes harm to the environment around them nor can they harm people who aren't involved in the games.

To Hit or not to Hit
I've kind of got both bases covered as far as preferences of play.  One of the main reasons I love Laser Tag is because of the great ranges you can achieve with this system (especially outdoors).  Generally if I can see someone, I want to be able to hit them.  With Laser Tag, that means whether they're at 80 feet or 800 feet, I have a chance to do that.  However, it is nice having a projectile-based system, which is where Nerf comes in.  While unmodified blasters usually get dismal ranges, a few modifications can usually punch those darts pretty far...  which brings me to my next point!

Mods mods mods mods!
I'm a hands-on kinda person and it's not uncommon to find me taking things apart just to see how they tick.  Between the electronics in Laser Tag and the physical systems in Nerf, I'm in heaven!  I'm fond of working with plastics and paintjobs, so these recreational sports take on the qualities of a hobby before and after the games themselves.  My workbench may be cluttered to the heavens with parts and junk, but it's just a sign that I really love what I can do with these blasters!

Financial Feasibility
While I do tend to pump more funds than I should into this hobby, it doesn't take a whole lot of investment for others to join in on the fun.  To get into a Nerf or Laser Tag game, all you need is a blaster.  No other special equipment is really required to go out and have a game.  I also have quite the collection of blasters that I loan out at games, but the fact that someone can drive to a local store, pick up a blaster, and join in with us just like that makes these two games something everyone can enjoy.  As a result, it makes the game much more welcoming and accessible.