Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Nerf Nation Announces Super Soakers

Via their Facebook page, Nerf has officially announced a few new Super Soakers, most of which we've already heard about to some extent.  Of course, the only thing that's probably exciting to Nerf fans is that stock on the Lightning Storm, which is compatible with N-Strike blasters.  Among the announcements are Microburst (small pump-action pistol) and the Electrostorm (Smaller battery-powered pistol) as well as the repainted Thunderstorm: the Lightning Storm, that sports new accessories to the Super Soaker Lineup.  Nerf's post said this to promote these new additions to the Super Soaker lineup.
We’re counting down to the warm weather, just cause we can’t wait to use the new Nerf Super Soaker Lightning Storm blaster. Featuring a detachable stock, blast shield and a range of over 25 feet, the Lightning Storm blaster comes packed with a monster, 35 ounce capacity. Fear the storm, people.
In my honest opinion, the Thunderstorm wasn't that fantastic of a blaster, with weak water pressure and a "meh" design.  The Lightning Storm's accessories are it's real selling point.

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  1. I've seen both microbursts and electrostorms in stores near me. as well as the lightning storm. they always looked like fun stuff. just haven't been too into water fights in a while.