Friday, January 6, 2012

Rocket Man!

Burnin' out the fumes out there alone!
So those Titan Rockets pack a punch, don't they?  But doesn't it suck when you've somehow lost it?  Or the fins break off?  Or you just flat-out want some spares to shoot?  Well thanks to a tip from Ice³, I've got a link to an order form so you can get more Rockets!  Just follow this link, print it off, fill it out, and mail it in.  They're $3 a rocket but it's free shipping.  I think it's a pretty good deal, especially considering how many times I've nailed someone from across the room with a Titan Rocket!  I don't use 'em often, but I would imagine if I had more rockets, I'd use it more!


  1. That's pretty sweet! I've considered getting a Titan, but the one missile deal has always held me back. Having more than one, though...

  2. Great work bazooka!

    ps do you know if the titan rockets work on a bbb?

  3. @imodify, sadly they don't. Titan Rockets have too large of an inner diameter to fit the Big Bad Bow.

  4. ahhh mannn I wish the hasbro shop would do international shipping..

  5. Awesome, thanks Zook! If I ever get a Titan now I know where to get more missiles. Have you shared this with Jerm at NM&R? Also while they don't work with the BBB, do they work with the BBBB and other BuzzBee rocket launchers (berserker, maniac, barbarian, etc?)

    -Zach L-J