Monday, January 2, 2012

Rayven Clip Comparisons

I know I'll probably get heat from Skurj for calling this a "Clip Comparison", but hey.  Nerf calls 'em Clips, so that's what I'm going with!

If there's one thing that the Rayven's neat design had potential to cause problems with, it's comfort in using those 4 different types of clips for it.  The bullpup design means that the clip sits between the shoulder stock and the grip, nestling it between your arms when it's being fired from a shouldered position.  It has a higher potential to cause problems because of this design.  I've displayed comfort levels for all 4 clip types that Nerf has.

Two days of fun with this Rayven!  It's just a great blaster!


  1. Nice little video. as someone who would love to dual wield Rayvens with 35 round drums, it makes it seem a little less practical. I would have to work on modifying the drum and flipping it if possible. So, thanks for the info.

  2. This is really a great post. I hadn't even considered the implications of using those asymmetrical drum MAGAZINES in a bullpup gun. I am left-handed myself, and I love those 35-round drums, so I'm not sure if the awkwardness is a deal breaker but I'm really glad to have been made aware of it before pulling the proverbial trigger and buying a Rayven.

    P.S. Nerf is wrong : )

  3. P.P.S. My nitpicking is all done in good humor.

  4. Haha... What's great is that Nerf actually does call 'em magazines... But only when referring to the Vortex's disc magazines.

    I'mathinkin' it might not be a bad idea to call the dart's magazines clips, just so everyone instantly knows whether or not you're talking disc or dart.

  5. As far as I'm aware the disc magazines have different capacities than the dart magazines so just referencing the capacity (i.e. 10 round mag, 18 round mag, etc.) should be enough to identify the type. If not, it's also possible just to say "disc magazine" or "dart magazine".

    There I go with the nitpicking again.

    I'll be darned if everyone isn't going to think I'm the most contrary SOB posting here.