Sunday, January 1, 2012

Rayven Clip & SMG Stampede

Decided to kick off the year with a new blaster that I've been looking forward to.  I was originally going to wait to pick one up, but it was just too tempting to pass up.  The Rayven itself, as a blaster, has got to be the best Flywheel blaster out there.  It's just got everything thought out well, laid out nicely, and it's just a nifty looking blaster.  I've got more plans for expanding and modding my Rayven, but for now I'm going to finish up my SMG Stampede.

I received a few requests to showcase the RoF of the Stampede and, while RoF isn't a target of this modification, it does quite nicely.  The Voltage increase on the Stampede sits at 11.1 Volts, but it's main purpose is to move that stronger spring more... not to increase RoF.  However, that is one of the effects of a Voltage Mod, so I had to make sure that whatever voltage I ran through the Stampede that it wouldn't be so insanely high that I'd burn through ammo too quickly or clip darts because of the firing mechanism's complex nature.

I also just wanted to see what a Firefly Tech Clip would look like inside a Stampede... so this video pretty much covers both the RoF test and the "coolness" factor of the Glowing Streamlines in the Rayven's clip.


  1. This is a slightly strange request, but if possible I'd really love to see some internal pictures on the SMG Stampede.

  2. WOW! That looks so cool! Are you planning to put some kind of a barrel tip on the smg stampede or are you leaving it as a flat front?