Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wind Conditions: Darts vs Disks

When the Vortex line first came out, I nabbed a few and messed around with them.  The Vortex line was interesting to me since it was a completely new firing mechanism unseen in previous Nerf Blasters.  In the midst of the Vortex hype, criticism arose about the disks being more susceptible to interference from wind when used outdoors.  I ran a few tests comparing the Torsion Spring Vortex blasters (Proton, Vigilon, and Praxis) and the Flywheel driven blaster (Nitron) to see if one system was superior to the other in windy conditions.  However, I didn't test the Disks up against N-Strike's dart blasters.  With a Wind Advisory today, I thought it was the perfect chance to check it out.

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