Wednesday, January 4, 2012

More "Amped" Blasters!

Thanks to Nerf's increasing number of electronically-driven blasters, we've been able to cash in on the fun using our DC Regulated Power Supply on the two newest Blasters on shelves: the Rayven and Speedswarm. 
It's neat because both blasters are functioning differently the way they utilize their electronic components.  The Rayven's power increase effects it's range because the power drives the Flywheels faster whereas the Speedswarm's rate of fire increases because of the motor mechanism turning over faster.  The Speedswarm, as expected, is just a handheld embarrassment to itself.  While it does have good range, the motor in it running the show is far weaker than one would hope.  It certainly doesn't live up to the "Speed" part of it's name. 

We'll have more Amped Projects as long as Nerf keeps churning out Electronically-driven blasters!

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  1. Where do you get you're ultra fire battery's at?