Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Laser Tag Q&A: Event Planning

Today's installment of Laser Tag Q&A focuses on how I run the large-scale laser tag games that I've been doing over the years.  From players to equipment to scenarios that we do, I weigh in on how we've been successful with our events for the past 6 years.  Questions, as usual, are from my loyal readers and watchers on YouTube and this Blog.  If you've got questions that haven't been covered yet, ask away and I'll try to get to them in some fashion!


  1. you say you play laser tag at night or day but what do you prefer???

    1. WILT (western idaho lazer tag) prefers to play at dusk. In our location hiding behing cars, trees, and apartments is better. During the day one of our members play like a Clone war trooper, walking at you and speed reloading his LTX off his chest. So, we prefer the dark. Our parks are too open to have fun, and we are new and haven't evaluated long summer days yet. Would love to here how Zook does it.

  2. I have a quick question for ya. You may have answered this before but have you ever tried the Halo laser tag blasters? And if so are they any good?

  3. Thanks for making me famous across the interwebs :D I think getting gear wouldn't be a problem. ebay lots can be as cheap as dirt. It's setting something up with friends.

  4. Awesome video. loved the pic with you as captain america. that had to be fun. can't wait for more.