Sunday, January 29, 2012

Izzy Knows!

A great friend of mine has recently opened a blog that could potentially answer some questions that some of you may have for the Questions & Answers for Laser Tag starting tomorrow.  The blog, Thoughts by Izzy, is an extremely intricate analysis of the Light Strike laser tag system coming from an experienced Laser Tag fan.  Izzy has been working with the Lazer Tag Team Ops line for a long time now and is well invested in the hobby.  He's an excellent resource to talk with and these two blog posts are incredibly detailed.  Regardless of your experience with laser tag thus far, you can get a fair perspective of the Light Strike lineup from his two posts on his new blog.

I'm getting prepared to answer 5 days of Laser Tag questions already by organizing your questions both from the blog and from the YouTube channel, so keep 'em coming and stay tuned as I answer your questions this week!

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