Monday, January 16, 2012

Endless Thunderstorm 2.0

Last summer, I hooked up a Hydration Pack to a Nerf Super Soaker Thunderstorm and got great results to make the "Endless Thunderstorm Mod"!  The not-so-great results was that I didn't expect chlorinated pool water to be so harsh on the main tube that ran into the Hydration Pack.  Turns out it got all dried out and cracked.  So I turned to the new Nerf Lightningstorm's Drum Magazine to get more insane capacity into my Thunderstorm... but that wasn't enough for me.  Thanks to my handy Ultrafire Batteries, I volt-modded this Thunderstorm too!

Also check out my Continuous Fire tests on this Drum Magazine!


  1. You make me actually WANT to get a super soaker. The attachments are pretty cool....

  2. This must be why the inside of your garage door is cleaner than mine.

  3. What battery holder did you use for the Ultrafire batteries? Also did you perform a time test with the new batteries to see how much faster it is burning through the drum vs the original non modified gun?

    1. The Ultrafire Batteries used were already AA sized, so the fit in the Thunderstorm without any modification. I didn't check to see how much faster it was though.

  4. Thanks for the prompt reply. Watching your video I definitely think the rate of fire increased due to your voltage upgrade. Great simple modification to increase performance. I would love to chat about some of your other modifications when you get time. I would also like to show you my version of the endless Thunderstorm :-) My email is Catch you later,