Monday, November 7, 2011

New Lazer Tag: Update!

LTTO Deluxe Prototype Platform (2003)
Our friend in the Laser Tagging community, TagFerret, has supplied us with a little more information on the features of the upcoming LTTO/LTX-compatible Lazer Tag brand system.  More importantly, it's clear that he's taking our interests into consideration when working on this, which is always good to hear.  The quality of the Lazer Tag brand in the past few years can be attributed to the work that TagFerret has done on them and his mindfulness of the tagging community that he is active in.  He's always been helpful and insightful with his contributions.  The picture to the left is a prototype of the LTTO Deluxe while it was in development.  I'll see what I can do to get pictures of this latest system.  Below is quoted text from a reply in a thread on the LTTO Yahoo! Group.

I do listen to all feedback provided and I try to get as much of it as possible added into each new design. I always try to "fight the good fight" and it definitely gets me pumped up and energized to keep the fight up when people are this passionate about the game, gear, and community!  Some of the features of the new model are already "set in stone" and can't be added or deleted -- mainly the look, the IR arrangement (where receivers and IRLEDs are located), and the basic controls. That said there are still a lot of features being hammered out including most of the software features (for example press-and-hold shields versus press-on/press-off shields) and issues of special game modes that might be supported (for example unlimitted-time hosted games or limitted-time LTAG games).  I'm not yet free to say a lot about the new model publicly, but what I will say is this:
  1. Fully compatible with LTTO and LTX, including LTTO-style LTAG, LTX-style TTAG (Team-1/2/3 LTAG), and hosted games.
  2. Several new game features not possible in LTTO/LTX (these games will only let other new-model taggers join) -- this would mean things like being able to have one or more players start the game with no ammo, requiring players to find a power-up to be able to get lock-on information, ability to have unlimitted-time hosted games, etc.
  3. Hard sights on the top of the Tagger -- no Gangsta Style aiming in this one!
  4. Manual reload, with an auto-reload option
  5. Select-fire modes (single shots, burst, full auto) like the TMB.
 So there you have it!  Some info on the features of the blaster, inside and out!  As usual, I'll get more information up as it becomes available.


  1. Huzzaaaah!

    Although I do get some odd looks when I aim my LTTO Deluxe, it is pretty funny to go gangsta every now and again.

    Thanks for digging up the new details, and thanks to TagFerret for fighting the good fight on our behalf.

  2. Huge props to TagFerret for being so active in the community and for advocating the continual compatibility of the Lazer Tag series.

    Also, thanks to you, Bazookafied, for relaying these uplifting updates to the laser tag faithful.

    I feel that if the new Lazer Tag series can cash in on the 'tacticool' trend, then it will be able to ignite the casual market. This is something that Light Strike almost pulled off, with their variety of taggers, attachments and accessories. It is something that the Nerf foam blaster line has MASTERED.

    From my experience, the phoenix LTX, with its tactile feedback, "hit-received" lighting and awesome reloading mechanism has really nailed the spirit of laser tag. The LTX's are just pure fun. Now all that is needed is to create supporting material. If a cheap head sensor (two sensors, aft and fore) and a few 'tacticool' attachments/accessories were available, then this system would probably take off. I emphasize the need for 'tacticool.' Don't have gun "modes" built into each blaster. Require a separate attachment for rapid fire, shotgun, medic, grenade, etc. Alternatively, have different taggers for each of these roles. This drives sales and is something that player's secretly love. Look at all the blogs that herald the second coming of christ every time a new nerf blaster is announced (even if it is just a palate swap). This is what taggers really want as well. Just look at the laser tag and airsoft hobby-sphere. Customization is a huge part of enjoying these activities.

    Everyone person that we have play with an LTX loves it. Also, with every person, there is the immediate barrage of questions (voiced or not) such as:

    Where do you find these?
    Are there other guns?
    Are there attachments?

    It always kills us to have to answer:


    Here's hoping that the new Lazer Tag line will inspire casual players.


  3. I think this is pretty cool, but they need to step further in the market and make attachments AT LAUNCH! they should also re-release the phoenix LTX with the shotblast and the scope, and make the price $40-$50 for a 2 pack. the new lazer tag should come in more color schemes like a blue and bronze, orange and green, yellow and blue, and maroon and blue. (notice i said blue a lot of times. and have the TMB come back with the new updated software like a TMBG2 (Tagmaster Blaster Generation 2). they should make the ltx maybe a base model in terms of design with the shield, recoil,trigger, and the reload in the same positions as the LTX.

    keep on tagging! (Pennsylvania lottery joke)
    from Anonymous Fan

  4. oh yeah and one more thing have recoil and a hit light sensor

  5. Oh my god, if this manages to bring back the (now DEFUNCT) line of Lazer Tag blasters like they had back then (Phoenix!!!), I wouldn't hesitate to buy one.

    I can't wait until this becomes further developed.

  6. We have 12 guns and the kids play with their friends. The button for releasing and recharging the ammo sticks on all. I have taken them apart and fixed them a bit but they are still hard to use. Any ideas other than attaching a button to complet the circuit to reload?

  7. Will they ever make a base for accessing the other games available. It would be nice to have a screen that would download the info after a game and present it in logical, visible display that was easy to read.

  8. @Quijote: there's a guy who goes by the name of dx9s who has designed a hosting station for the LTX and LTTO blasters called the LTHQ. It's designed to work with those systems but I'm not sure if it'll work with this new one comin out. Perhaps when I get more info on the new system I can talk to him and Brian to see if it'll work with them. Presently, I don't have a definitive answer.