Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New LTX Accessories!

Just got this information over the LTTO Yahoo! Group.  This is direct from the developer of the Lazer Tag Phoenix and Lazer Tag Team Ops himself.  Brace yourselves, LT fans.
LTX RapidBlast Design
"I am completing the design of a PCB that can be easily soldered together by hobbyists and will convert the LTX TV Game into a new weapon barrel. Initially there will be two models, RapidBlast (same function as the RapidFire) and SniperShot (self explanatory).
Not long after that I hope to have molds completed to be able to produce kits that do not need a TV Game for modification.
I'll turn the designs over to 1SLT for production and sales, in order to continue funding TagFest and Fort Worden/Flagler events."
 You read that right.  Not only will hobbyists like myself be able to produce the attachments that would've further upgraded the base LTX blaster, but soon after they'll be available for purchase online from One Source Laser Tag (an excellent resource for any laser tagger).  For an idea of how the RapidFire or RapidBlast, as he's calling it now, would work, check out this video:

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  1. That is really cool. I kinda wish I held on to my LTX with the TV game.