Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Next Lazer Tag System!

An early concept for the LTX (2008)
Being in close contact with many die-hard laser tag enthusiasts has it's perks.  One of which is being able to talk with folks directly connected to the Lazer Tag brand designers.  As I'm permitted to, I'll give more updates here as I know more information.  Just figured that the fans of LTTO and LTX could use some uplifting information, what with the painfully slow death of Battle Tag and the widespread disappointment I've heard from big laser tag fans about Light Strike.  I've personally known details about the next system for the Lazer Tag brand for a little while now, but was asked not to say anything publicly about it.  However, since one of the developers for Shoot the Moon (company that has developed LTTO and LTX) posted a few details in the LTTO Yahoo! Group, I thought I'd relay that info here.

We are constantly developing new models, and while the market hasn't been solid enough to introduce a lot recently, we see it as picking up in the near future. Because of that we have a new model in the works that I think everyone will be amazed at. And it will be fully backwards-compatible with LTTO and LTX, something that is non-negotiable from our standpoint for all models. Beyond that I am not at liberty to say anything just yet, but keep your eyes on this group...

I know that the system will have the same sensor-on-blaster approach as well, and since they have reverse compatibility, it's likely that they'll also be returning to a 2-barreled system like the LTTO line featured.  So even in the midst of a relatively depressing laser tag market, STM has something worth looking forward to in the months to come.

There you have it!  Lazer Tag is coming back!


  1. Wooo! I hope this makes it to Australia!

  2. Hey Bazooka, do you know anything about the Laser Challenge PRO Deluxe Pistols? I saw it in a store a little while ago for $30. I didn't want to ask this hear but I couldn't find a email to contact you. Thanks.

  3. The Laser Challenge Brand made it's debut in 1996 under Toymax. In 2002, they changed hands to Jakks Pacific, which continued the already long history of LC but drove it into the ground in 2010. It's generally accepted by LC diehards (such as myself) that the good days of LC were back when it started. Quality and features dipped severely near the end of Toymax's life and even further once Jakks Pa-shit-ic got a hold of it. The P.R.O. Deluxe pistol set, while it looks like a neat system, is certainly not worth the money. Furthermore, since Laser Challenge is no longer around, you'd be making an investment in a system that no longer has a future. If you're looking to invest in a laser tag system with the promise of good reliability and a future ahead of it, go with the Lazer Tag brand. The new LC stuff just isn't worth your time (or money) as far as I'm concerned.

    It's old, but there's a listing of reviews on almost every type of Laser Challenge-brand system on this forum of mine> http://z7.invisionfree.com/OLCA/index.php?s=3a497ee262b3d67bc42eb29af416e62e&showforum=8

  4. Thanks for the response. Love the blog and I added it to the links list on NM&R