Thursday, September 8, 2011

Torsion Spring vs Flywheels

I ran some outdoor tests on the two different firing mechanisms in the Vortex lineup: the Torsion Spring and the Flywheel system.  The Proton, Vigilon, and Praxis all utilize the Torsion Spring to fling their disks forward while the Nitron uses a Flywheel system to spin the disks out of the blaster.  In reviews, I've seen lots of criticism for the Nitron because of it's lower power and slightly shorter range.  However, my findings in these outdoor tests reveal something those criticisms overlook.  Take a look at the video I made outlining the two different system's abilities outdoors with a slight breeze.

Hopefully with all the new info out there, review blogs like Urban Taggers, SG Nerf, and Nerf Mods & Reviews, and this bit of information, you can know what to expect on those shelves on 9-10-11.  Use this information to discern for yourself what blaster is best for you, if any!


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