Friday, September 9, 2011

Vigilon 6-Disk Trick

So the guys at Nerf Mods & Reviews presented enough convincing evidence to warrant me picking up and, subsequently checking out the Vigilon.  Obviously the Torsion Spring Mod on this is a must, but I remember LordDraconial trying to fit a 6th Disk in there.  I figured it was worth investigating on my own.  The solution I found doesn't involve cramming an extra disk in there, but rather making use of the Vigilon's priming system.  Check out the video below to see what I mean.

It's an easy trick you can do when loading your Vigilon up for combat.  The trick is as quick as this video on how to do it!  Folks had said the Spectre was the Vigilon's equal... but with 6 in there, now I think the Maverick is fair game too!

This same idea works with the clip system for Vortex on the Praxis.  It won't work on the Nitron because of the priming system on it.  Here's another video that shows the Praxis' loaded with an extra dart.  Put that Gear Up! disk to use!


  1. nice!
    we gonna use that gun in our next video, so come check it out if you want!

    all Nerf all the time!

  2. I used your idea and did an experiment. I did what you did, and instead of loading one into the chamber, I tightly squeezed another one too! A 7 shot Vigilon! Oh Yeah!

  3. gee wiz mister that sure is nifty!

  4. In firearms lingo that's known as "+1". A gun's total capacity will be listed as the max number of rounds held in the magazine, followed by a +1 to indicate a round in the chamber.