Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Universal Nerf merges with Nerf Mods & Reviews!

While this doesn't directly effect Tactical Tag, it does direct my Affiliate: Nerf Mods & Reviews.  One of the blogs that I run, Universal Nerf, is now merging with Nerf Mods & Reviews!  This means that the user-submitted content that was the backbone of UN is now going to be featured on one of the largest Nerf blogs of all time!  I'm excited to be part of this and hope that the community takes this opportunity to learn and grow from eachother through this great ideology.

Just as things haven't changed for me here at Tactical Tag when I was a Modmin at Universal Nerf, so does that mean that my move to working alongside NM&R will change much either.  I'll still post my own personal stuff here while helping publish articles for other's works to be featured on Nerf Mods & Review alongside the rest of the fantastic staff that we have there.  Go check out the new NM&R and submit your blasters to be featured on this excellent blog!


  1. This is great!
    I already thought it was an excellent idea for people who are dedicated to nerf to have their stuff featured on a blog, and UN did a great job of that.
    I'm pleasantly surprised with the change as it means even more people will get to see those works.

  2. This is quite a surprise, but an undeniably pleasant one. This is another good sign that our community is not only growing, but rising. It is gratifying to think that, once in a while, I might not be wrong:


    That's good for me, I suppose, but even better for the NIC as a whole.