Sunday, March 4, 2012


It's acronym time!  Most of the time acronyms are helpful in shortening overused phrases.  Heck, the texting era has ushered in all kinds of "helpful" acronyms, so what's not to like?  The dreaded "TBA", or "to be announced".  From what was looking like promising progress towards the Massacre kits and the Immortal Longshot kit from Orange Mod Works is now up in the air once again.  However, not all is lost!

First, the facts:  Orange Mod Works has been taking extra care to make sure that they are producing quality kits for their customers.  In trying to rush previous projects, they ended up getting themselves in a bit of trouble with customers because the products were not working like they should.  They have also been having trouble with accuracy of the kits they send to be replicated by their production companies, which is not their fault at all, so much of this frustration, though fans may be frustrated directly with OMW, should instead be aimed at the production of these parts that is out of their hands.

The Massacre Kits for the Longstrike, Alpha Trooper, and Raider all had an estimated release date between February 12th-28th as a result of the first big delay in their production.  The Immortal Longshot kit also had an estimated release date of between March 1st-14th.  Both of these products have now been changed to "TBA" for their estimated release dates.

Luckily, OMW already foresaw some griping on their forums and cleared a few things up.  These are direct quotes from OMW Administrators on their Forum.
The Recon Massacre is fully stocked and ready to ship out immediately. We only had it on back order for about 48 hours because we ran out of bolt sleds at the US offices and were waiting on the new shipment to come in from Taiwan. 
As far as Alpha Trooper / Raider / Longstrike go, it really is tough to say when the actual date will be right now. 
Jun has been testing the new polycarb parts extensively, dry-firing 200-300 times a day to see how they hold up. The reason for the vagueness is we simply don't know yet how the new parts are going to hold up over time and we want to make sure that everyone is going to get the absolute highest quality parts. 
We have learned our lesson with rushing our preordered items, it is better to wait until everything is right then to attempt to appease everyone by rushing the kits out when they haven't been thoroughly tested. 
As soon as we are confident all the parts are good, we'll be posting an update with the new expect release dates. Until then we ask for a little more patience. We understand the delays are frustrating, but we simply will not ship out inferior products.
This was posted in reference to the Massacre Kits.  I have yet to find anything about the Immortal Longshot kit, but I would assume that it is simply pushed back because of the focus on getting the Massacre kits ready and out the door.  I hope they're not experiencing the same problems with this kit, as having headaches for 4 different kits would be extremely stressful!

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  1. Better to get quality kits than deal with customer complaints for failing kits.