Monday, March 5, 2012

Combat Bow, coming together

So that Big Bad Bow I was working on earlier got some quick progress today already.  Since I did simple range testing on this thing's power, I kind of dug in a little faster than I had originally anticipated.  Wanted to show you a few of the minor changes I've made to it.

First, I integrated an actual barrel into the BBB's original housing.  It's pretty flawless-looking, so I'm a fan of how it turned out.  It'll fit any N-Strike dart.  Like I said earlier in the video, it's shooting 60 feet flat.  Because the tip is almost identical to the original, it can still fire normal Arrows too.

Here I've taken the lower bow piece and modified it so that N-Strike Rail accessories fit onto it.  While it doesn't seem like anything useful could go there because of the angle, the intent is to have a dart holder from the Barrel Break so that way dart storage is close to the front barrel and can easily be loaded during a game.  Because of the plastic used, I wasn't able to get a clean finish on it, but it'll be covered by the accessory anyways.

I also removed the top sight/arrow holder that used to secure the upper bow portion.  I sanded off the excess and contoured the parts to the rest of the design on top.  Then I covered the hole left over with plastic tape, lightly sanded the whole section, and repainted it in a hammered metallic gray.  I originally thought to just paint it over in black again, but I thought it might look neat with this color instead.  I am pleased with the refined look of this blaster.

I'll likely be finishing this one up quickly and I'll have a video and full pictures up of it once it's done.  There are a few scratches from this being a used blaster before with random stripes of other colors from banging up against other blasters/toys that I'll clean up to prepare it for it's finalized pictures.  If you haven't noticed, these changes aren't really all that ground-breaking, but I've never been a fan of dowsing blasters in CPVC, Hot Glue, PETG, Duct Tape, and Hoppers to make a overpowered beast.  As it is, this blaster functions great for the indoor game settings that it'll no doubt be used for here and I've always been more of a fan of simple mods.  Keep it here for the finalized pictures and video for this blaster!

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