Monday, March 26, 2012

The Age Old Question got an Upgrade

We've seen it thousands of times on the Nerf Nation Facebook Page.  "What's better?  Longs.  trike or Longshot?".  We've seen the answer thousands of times too.  "Longshot is better."  Recently, I've been working with a 1st Generation Longshot that performs great with some basic modifications to it.  With the Orange Mod Works Massacre series finally out, I decided to take this age-old question out for a spin with some modifications.

The Longshot's modifications in this video are basic.  Stock Block, AR removed, dead space filled, and it's running a Big Bad Bow spring.  It's strong enough to hit 75 feet flat on average and still can use a single-hand prime for the Bolt Action.  The Longstrike has a Massacre Kit in it from OMW with a 6kg spring.  Both blasters are firing stock streamline darts.  This face-off  is pretty even in terms of range, but range isn't everything in my books.  Check the video below to see how it went down.


  1. you could put a front priming thing like the praxis or raider.

  2. Howdy Zook. I'm glad to see this comparison- it's likely to finally persuade me to tear into my Longshot. Despite all the work I've done on other blasters, I've avoided cracking that one open, perhaps because I am a lefty and the clip release is less than convenient (leaving me unlikely to use it), or perhaps because I only have one readily available. One way or another, I never had a clear picture of just how potent even simple Longshot mods can be until I happened upon your video. Ridiculous, I know- the evidence is everywhere I suppose. That kind of power-to-effort payoff, however, is more than tempting enough for me to put aside my laziness and get to it.

    On another note, I thought you may be interested in a few practical solutions I've tested to compensate for the two-handed priming issue that has you frustrated with the Longstrike Massacre kit:

  3. I prefer my longstrike over the longshot. Then again I don't mod; if I did, my opinion would be completely different.

  4. wow... how big is your backyard? i great test and good feedback thanks! sam