Friday, March 30, 2012

MILES in Training

A friend linked me this on the new Tactical Tag Facebook Page.  This soldier is a British Paratrooper wearing a Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System or MILES, for the purpose of an Anglo-French exercise. MILES gear is being used with British paratroopers and French airborne cavalry on a joint exercise to develop their urban fighting skills.  The sensor coverage on this soldier is EXCELLENT, better than any other setup I've seen thus far.  Military sensor coverage usually isn't this extensive, but the fact that this guy is essentially covered in sensors (they're those black domes all over his uniform and helmet) tells me that there's someone involved with their training program that's good with designing modular gear.  While the sensor systems we hope to build won't be this extensive, it is great to see the MILES gear still being utilized to this day, and to great effect!

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  1. On Armed Forces day and some college campus visits the US ARMY brings along rifles that have been fitted with laser tag technology and some sort of force feedback to give the same recoil effect as firing live rounds. Its pretty neat and supposedly accurate.