Tuesday, March 6, 2012

OMW: Massacre Kits, Roll out!

The Orange Mod Works Massacre kits have been going through RIGOROUS testing to ensure that no problems arise when they are released.  If you've been following their Facebook, like I have, you've witnessed the intense work (and fun) they've been having with this.

Orange Mod Works has answered my question from last week about the release dates for the Massacre kits.  Here's a direct quote from their Facebook Page:
"ALL parts for Alpha Trooper, Raider, and Longstrike are approved, and the OFFICIAL release date is set for March 15, with all orders expected to ship no later than March 19." 
There you have it!  Within the month, I'm hoping to have my Longstrike one installed!!  This is GREAT news!!  Hopefully this means good things for the Immortal Longshot kit too!  The test fit is good, so they're getting some sample parts to start working on.  I'm hoping these can be ready to roll before the summer is upon us!

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