Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Elite Longshot Progress Update 1

It's fun returning to my roots.  The Longshot is the blaster that got me back into Nerf and really started my love for Laser Tag recasings as well.  It only makes sense that I'm using it as a primary again!  With the Orange Mod Works Longshot Immortal kit promised back in November of 2011, I jumped at the chance to get the legendary power of an OMW in this iconic Nerf Blaster.  Due to delays with the Massacre kits, the Immortal kit release date has been pushed back to late April-ish, and with a game coming up this weekend, I didn't want to waste any time waiting for that.

 Most of my Armory is ready to go, but I set aside this Longshot  in the hopes of making some mods to it that would be decent for the indoor game scheduled for Saturday in the Music Building on campus.  Modifications include standard removed Air Restrictor, dead space and lock removal, padded plunger head, and, driving it all is a spring from a Big Bad Bow.  I didn't double spring it since I still want to be able to one-hand prime this with the bolt-action I love so much.

Also, to make it sturdy under the pressure of that strong prime, I blocked the stock with a cut-to-fit piece of wood.  The block can be removed easily by simply removing the screws in the back.  It's super solid and prevents the common issue of having the stock retract under pressure (especially with a strong spring in there).

Other plans for this project, after I get the kit in, are to make this blaster look "Elite".  I'm a big fan of blue blasters, but I want this Longshot to remind this generation of players that an Elite blaster already existed before the Retaliator, Rampage, and Hailfire.  Plus, I think the white stripes on the Elite blasters just look cool, as I've got a soft spot for blue blasters in the first place.

The video should be ready to play by ~5pm Central Standard Time


  1. I suggest reinforcing the boltsled with some coathangers, just so that I won't break under the force of the 3b spring, just so that it'll hold out until the Immortal kit is released.