Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Modified Big Bad Bow

This is a BBB I recently finished modifying.  It's a popular blaster to mod for getting insane ranges, and for good reason.  The Big Bad Bow has a Direct plunger system similar to that of the Longshot but has a very strong stock spring.  I double sprung mine, made it accept N-Strike Darts, and made a few other exterior modifications.

While it may look like any other BBB design, the portion I'm most happy with is the integrated dart holder on the bottom where the lower bow portion used to be.  It can accept any N-Strike accessory, but the most useful one is obviously the dart holder from the Barrel Break IX-2.  It works great to quickly reload this blaster from the front.  I also removed the upper Arrow holders and streamlined the look a bit.  I'm pleased with how it turned out and, at 70 feet flat, I'm psyched to see how it does in a game!

If the video isn't working, wait until about 5pm CST, as it is still loading and I'm on my way out the door!  Wanted to have this published to show you!


  1. Very nicely done. The ammo holder is a great idea.

  2. How do you make the barrel take darts?

    1. I fit a smaller tube from a Longshot Front Gun into the existing barrel of the Big Bad Bow's tube after I removed it's AR. It was a tight fit, didn't even need any glue. I just used a rubber hammer to move it into the barrel so as to not damage anything as I was installing it.

  3. What two springs did you use?

  4. can u use paper/cardboard instead of the longshot front gun barrel or pvc. and do you have a youtube video of this mod?