Friday, March 9, 2012

N-Strike Elite "Seeker"

This is the all New N-Strike Elite "Seeker"!

Naw, just kidding.  It's an old blue Nite Finder circa 2003 that predates the N-Strike Lineup (you can tell because it doesn't have the Tactical Rail on top yet).  I thought it was odd that we haven't seen anything in pistol-format for the N-Strike Elite lineup, but I suppose it's easier for them to engineer larger blasters to fire further than to crank out extra range of a smaller blaster.

However, I DID add white stripes to this old Nite Finder to make it look like part of the N-Strike Elite series.  This guy is "Elite" since it's got an Orange Mod Works 2.5 strength spring in it, so it packs a wallop!  I used white  Scotch-brand Decorate & Repair Tape (plastic tape) and cut it so that it looked like the Elite stripes on the Retaliator and Rampage.  It's a pretty simple process that I just wanted to test out on a smaller blaster before I try it out on something like my Longshot.  The plan is to actually use this same method on my Blue Longshot after the OMW Immortal kit gets here.  It's a smooth, glossy finish tape that won't rub off like paint will.

I was trying to think of a name to call this NiteFinder that would sound like an "Elite" blaster name, and the Seeker was all I could come up with.  If you've got a better suggestion, lemme know and I might just rename this fella!


  1. That actually looks pretty good with just a stripe. Too bad it doesn't have the tac rail, but what really looks good on a nitefinder tac rail anyway? XD

  2. im really looking forward to an elite sidearm (if one ever comes out)by the way nice mod!!!

  3. Call it the "Assailant"

  4. I am not a complete fan of it. The blue stripe is really nice but I just thought."YOU HAVE TO USE PAINT" It's a great idea though and the blaster looks great.

    1. The tape decals will be more durable/won't rub off compared to had I painted the stripes on. It was just an easy way to convert a stock blaster into something "Elite" looking. It gets a nice clean finish to it. You could easily make your Raider an "Elite" blaster with this same method.

  5. Do you think you can make an "Elite" Maverick

  6. That is amazing. :O

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