Monday, March 26, 2012

The Best Laid Last-Minute Plans

New Car's first time being "The Armory".  Did a nice job!
This past Saturday I was faced with a dilemma:  I had no plans for the evening and it was a sunny day with temperatures in the upper 70s.  I was trying to figure out how to best enjoy this weather and the option I kept coming back to was a Laser Tag game... but that would mean less than an hour to plan.  Before we organized the OLCA, we used to just call whomever we could up and get a game together for the evening, so I thought maybe after 7 years I could still pull together a game like that.

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20 minutes later, and after a dozen phone calls to friends, I had surprised myself with more than enough folks to get a game together for the evening, with game time starting a mere hour after I had called everyone.  14 players: it was a great feeling getting a game together like we used to in the old days!  We broke out the LTXs (as it was still very sunny out and LC Gear wouldn't have done well) and got some great games going.  We took pictures of the games and I'll share a few here.  There's a lot more at the LTAG Message Board if you'd like to see those.

It was an excellent night of tagging.  There were a few folks running late so we took 8 players and did mini matches in the southern part of the park.  Everything south of the creek was our area to play and it worked our REALLY well for a small match.  Even though Sundawg's Ultimate LTX was proving to be the unfair advantage, there were still a lot of great hiding spots and tactics that proved useful during the game.  Because of the close-range nature of these games, I actually didn't use my LTX DMR until the rest of the players showed up and the long-range capabilities of my blaster could be utilized best.

I want to say we played about 6 or 7 games before calling it a night.  We managed 4 games in the small part of the park and then, when everyone else showed up, we played 2 or 3 more large-scale games. I need to re-zero the sight on my LTX DMR, as I was having to adjust my shooting quite a bit to hit folks, but it wasn't a big problem.  I just made use of the basic LTX before and still had a great time.  The basic blasters are just built so well and are still quite accurate that in the small-games setting, it's just what you need.  The Handicap of the LTX DMR's reloading sequence and sheer bulk of the weapon would've hindered my performance during the first few games.

We also had quite a few folks showing interest for our regular summer season of games.  I'm still trying to plan stuff out for that, but at least it looks like we'll have some new faces in the group regardless of how things pan out.

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