Sunday, March 25, 2012

Indoor Tagging!

After about 2½ hours of Nerf, we switched to Lazer Tag with the Phoenix LTX.  For our Nerf games, we had only been using the main floor and having timed matches with tally sheets recording the respawns.  Our Laser Tag game ran differently, in that we used the entire building and had 25 hits each for a Team Elimination Game.  This is pretty standard for laser tag.  These games were smaller, as a few folks had to go home/were exhausted from the Nerf games held before, but we still had a great time!

One of the things I really enjoy about doing these Indoor Nerf/Laser Tag battles is that the tactics almost completely change when you switch gear.  For Nerf, you've gotta keep tabs on your ammo, estimate trajectory for lobbing your darts, and can dodge shots fired at you most of the time.  With Laser Tag, there's unlimited ammo, line-of-sight shooting, and no way to dodge a shot that's moving at the speed of light... mainly because it IS light!  There's also reflection shots to take into consideration, as players can bounce shots off of reflective surfaces like glass and other shiny surfaces.  The glass staircases prove to be an exceptionally interesting place for exchanges because of this.

Thanks to Teams settings (and the fact that we color code teams Blue vs Gold), it's a little easier to keep track of your friendly forces.  But since movement around the building is much greater (since we allow for full use of both floors for laser tag), you can also lose track of your teammates and opponents easily.  This makes for some unexpected encounters like that standoff you see to the left.

It's a tough toss up to which game I would say I enjoy more indoors.  I think, above all else, I enjoy the contrast between doing part Nerf and part Laser Tag all in one event.

Tomorrow I'll have pictures and details from our outdoor laser tag game held on Saturday.  Twas a fun time!!

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