Monday, March 5, 2012

Projects Projects Projects!

I've had a lot going on as far as the Nerf side of my interests go recently.  Mainly, my focus has been here because of a recent game we've planned that's coming up in a few weeks.  As such, I've got 3 projects I'm focusing on to get ready for this.  The First project you've already seen, my Alpha Trooper Pistol.  I'll be resuming work on that this week.  The other two are a result of a recent deal I nabbed on eBay that includes a Big Bad Bow and a Longshot.

There are 3 main goals for each of these blasters.  The Alpha Trooper Pistol is to be a compact rapid-fire blaster that's small enough that it could be holstered as a sidearm or backup.  It's SlamFire capabilities make it great for those "do or die" situations.  The Longshot CS-6 is obviously a main battle rifle with it's heft and size.  I'll be working on this a little bit, but this blaster will likely see some basic mods until the Immortal Longshot kit can get here, in which case this blaster will likely be the recipient.  I hope to paint my Immortal Longshot to look like the Elite Blasters with a white stripe on it.  The Big Bad Bow is being redesigned for use in games, so it'll be using N-Strike darts instead of arrows.  It's a powerful blaster and I plan to make use of dart holders on the blaster so that it can easily be loaded.  Mounting the dart holder near the front will make it easier for the hand on the forward grip to load new darts quickly.  Here's a quick video I shot of it with a few internal modifications as well as being adapted to use N-Strike Darts.

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  1. This has nothing to do with this post but I recently got a clear raider and I'm wanting to do a fore grip mod to it. (deploy grip) And I was wondering if u could do a guide on how u did urs. Thanks it will be very appreciated