Sunday, November 6, 2011

Next Big Project!

While the giveaway for the Vortex Vigilon is going on, I thought it would be the perfect time to unveil my latest project!  It's another recasing for laser tag but this time it's actually a commission.  At the core of this recasing is an LTTO Deluxe blaster from the Lazer Tag brand.  It's an older blaster, but with the news of Lazer Tag's new system coming in Winter of 2012 and my heightened interest in the Lazer Tag Brand in general, it seemed like a good thing to do.  This will be my first recasing for the LTTO system, much like how the LTX DMR was my first for the LTX system.

The project is being built off of a new Nerf blaster, but one that has received probably the most criticism due to it's poorer-than-expected performance.  I made sure to get plenty of use out of this blaster before deciding it would serve better as a laser tag blaster than a disk-slinging behemoth.  That's right.  We're recasing a Nerf Nitron for laser tag.  The proposed layout plan is in the image below.  It's one of a few design concepts that we thought up to integrate the two systems together best.  It involves actually fuzing the top half of the LTTO Deluxe into the flat panel space on top of the Nitron.  Things may change during the initial construction phases if we find a better solution, but right now, this is looking like the best layout option.
More on this project once construction commences!

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