Monday, November 21, 2011

Barricade meets Ultrafire

I've been experimenting with Ultrafire batteries, much like how SG Nerf has been known to voltage mod their blasters with Trustfires.  If you don't know, Ultrafire and Trustfire batteries are AA-sized 3.7 rechargable cells that are excellent for easy voltage modifications.  They're a little expensive and I've yet to find them on local shelves here in the US, but that's what we have the internet for.  The first blaster I tested these out on was a Barricade.  In an earlier Blog Post, I showed you a simple upgrade to a Barricade using batteries you can find at your local retailers.  Going with Ultrafire or Trustfire batteries can get you even more "oomph" for your electronically-driven blasters.  Check out the video below.  I'll be doing more with Ultrafires as far as Voltage Mods go.

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