Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Workin for the Weekend

I've been doing some work today on two blasters.  The first is this week's Giveaway: the Sharp Shot.  I've done all the internal work and am working on ideas for a paintjob on it.  Here's a few shots of the basic internal work I've done.  Just standard AR removal, air release seal, improved O Ring Seal stuff.  I also upgraded the spring.  It's now packing the spring from the Swarmfire, which is actually about the same size only stronger.  (I have a stronger spring in my Swarmfire now)
The paintjob that I have in mind for this Sharp Shot is to do a Whiteout style repaint.  I'm just repainting the yellow shells on this, keeping the black plastic frame in it's stock colors.  The shell will be painted white with the Dart Tag logos that are etched into the paintjob to be painted Orange and Gray, to mimick the look of the Whiteout series.  I'm pretty excited to see how it turns out.

The other is painting a Longstrike Barrel yellow to go with my Spectre and Recon.  I actually found a picture of someone with a Recon and a Yellow-painted Longstrike barrel and it looked nice, so that's what I'll be doing.  It was warm enough today to do some painting when I started, but now the clouds have rolled in and it's chilly out again, so they're in my garage by a heater.  I just put down the second coat in this picture.  Before painting, I spent time sanding off all the digital camo on them so they look nice and smooth/match the Recon and Spectre's finish.  Hope it turns out good!
I also opened up a non-functioning Nerf Raider that got used (and abused) on last week's Black Friday Foam-tacular.  I suppose naming the rapid fire feature "SlamFire" gives people the idea that they're unbreakable.  Not the case.  I'll either find spare parts from a gutted Raider that my friend turned into a Laser Tag blaster or use this fella as a candidate for a Massacre kit.  Actually, I was thinking of getting a Massacre kit to put in my Clear Series Raider, so maybe I could just put those internals into this guy.  Either way, it'll live to shoot another day soon enough.

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