Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Nerf Gaming Shirt

Black Ops Friday Game, 2010
So I've got our annual "Black Friday" Laser Tag and Nerf War coming up on November 25th.  This event will be indoors since it's too troublesome to plan with Mother Nature in late fall like this.  In preparation, I've been working on fine tuning my loadout.  For Laser Tag, I'll likely just run with my already proven LTX DMR... although it's range is a bit unnecessary for an indoor war.  My choice for Nerf Blasters always seems to be changing, depending on what I'm working on at the time.  I've used everything from Longshots to Swarmfires to Spectres and had general success with whatever I manage using.  What I don't seem to prepare well is ammo storage.

Nerf has recently caught on to the tactical side of wars and released some products to help that cause.  The Nerf Tactical Vest, Ammo Pouches, and Bandoleer come to mind as far as good ammo storage options go.  I've tried using the Bandoleer in games, but it tends to lose more ammo than anything as I'm moving around.  The Ammo Pouches never really appealed to me and I find darts hard enough to find, so the idea of Camouflage Darts isn't a good seller for me.  The Nerf Tactical Vest isn't quite... big... enough for me, so that's not an option either.  I looked into getting a legit tactical vest or rig to wear, but that got expensive fast and it seemed like an awful lot of work just to track down the right pouches and such to carry on it.  Oddly enough, this suits me just fine!  I'll build my own setup!

The main concept of my setup is that it has to be versatile enough to move with me, so something that'll restrict my movement or slow me down is out of the question.  The solution that I'm pursuing is to modify a T Shirt to have ammo and clip storage straps on it.  I've got plenty of Nylon and Elastic webbing to make my own ammo holders, so the idea is to sew them onto this shirt where I need them.  I'll also probably try to sew some kind of holster webbing to hold my sidearm in.

I started work on my Nerf Combat Shirt today by making it legit right out of the gate: the N-Strike Patch.  I ironed this on to the left shoulder of the T Shirt I'm using and it looks great!  Next, I'm using my Elastic Nylon webbing to make the loops for ammo storage.  I'm working on a small strip to put on the right shoulder.  I'll also have a larger strip somewhere else on the shirt, probably near the waist.  Alongside those will be storage for N-Strike Clips as well.  Things are moving along quickly enough that it should be done relatively quickly.  By my next update for it, it should be complete.


  1. great idea. keep us posted on how it works out.

  2. Very nice! I've been thinking of doing something similar, only making it a shoulder holster type thing with an inordinate amount of dart storage, 'cuz I'm a fan of things I can strap on over whatever I'm wearing.