Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Calm before the Storm

This picture is only what I have on hand.
The rest is stored at a friends house (about 2/3rds more)
On Black Friday, November 25th, I'll be taking part in an annual tradition with my friends and family.  While for some, this tradition is just another Nerf and Laser Tag game, for others, it's a chance to let out their failed shopping frustrations from the sales they missed that morning.  Either way you cut it, there's a lot of Foam Flinging and Laser Blasting that is always a highlight of our Thanksgiving break.  It used to just be laser tag games outdoors, but with weather not being so kind this time of year, we have since moved the event indoors and included Nerf in the event.  Last Year's event was held inside an indoor Laser Tag arena, which was awesome.  Unfortunately, they are now out of business, so we have since retired to using a Maze-like church that a few of our friends are members of.  Regardless of the venue, folks are already asking me "hey, can you reserve that yellow gun for me?" in which case, I bang my head against a door for a few minutes since there's too many yellow blasters in my armory to count.

One of my more unique blasters, the Blue Titan
Speaking of that Armory, I kind of have a reputation in my group of friends as being "The Arms Dealer".  Not only do I bring the largest collection of blasters to each game, but all of my blasters have been customized internally.  On the outside, these pictures look like any other newbie Nerfer's collection on a Ping Pong Table posted on the Nerf Nation Facebook Page.  However, the insides tell a different story.  And since I'm one of the few folks who does these modifications, it's always funny seeing folks who bring their own blasters getting owned by folks who borrow from me.  At the end of the day, I've usually managed to sell off a few of my blasters to friends who took a liking to some of them.  Which is good, because I have FAR too many blasters to count  The picture above is only a portion of what I have.  The rest of it is packed away in a big box at another friends house who's younger siblings use them constantly.

There are a few mods visible in the picture though.  Most notably (and recently) are the Maverick with the modded turret and the Raider with the Deploy grip.  There's also an Orange Mod Works sticker I've managed to work into the bottom of one of my 18rd Clips.  But for the most part, the mods are interior things like spring upgrades, AR removals, and lock removals.  Basic stuff, but just doing those simple things in an Armory as large as mine can really be helpful.  Especially if you're up against some hot shot with a stock Longstrike with the Barrel Extension on, a scope, a Tactical light, and a 35 round drum who think's he's the shit.  Then you peg him from 40 feet away with your NiteFinder and suddenly, his Longstrike is compensating for something.

Either way you cut it, I always look forward to this game.  Now if you'll excuse me, I've got some padding to put on some plungers before they snap from the noobs dry-firing the shit out of them!  ;P


  1. um is it me or did he jus say SHIT! hmmmmmm weirddddd

  2. Stupid newbs and dryfiring... :( Costs me many a dollar.

  3. "Hey, can you reserve that yellow gun for me?"

    I laughed hard at that. It's kinda like, "Hey you, with the hair!"

    anyway, impressive spread good sir.