Friday, November 11, 2011

Bring out your Sales!

Retailers are off to a head-start with Christmas shoppers as usual this year.  Christmas music floods the aisles almost as much as the scattered toys left behind from kids with irresponsible parents. Through all this, there's some great prices!  The 2 pack Maverick REV-6 blasters are showing up at Wal-Mart stores in my area.  There's a whole wall of them that I nearly missed (it was over by the bikes for some reason).  Still, it's a great price for such a reliable blaster.  If you don't have one of these, pick one up and give another as a gift!  It's the season of giving!
Next up, I wasn't surprised to see more Light Strike stuff on sale.  It seems more widespread now though, as both Target and Toys R Us are marking down these overpriced blasters.  I'm still not a fan of them, nor the reputation they're getting for Laser Tag in general.  If the prices get lower, I may decide it's worth the trouble to pick one up and find out for myself what side of the fence to be for these blasters.  The Sensor harness looks like it could at least be converted into a nice LC Sensor rig... but that's too harsh to think about for a brand new system like Light Strike, right?

On the opposite side of things, Toys R Us has marked down their stock of LTXs to 59.99.  There's also an unusually large amount of stock for them, so I suspect this is a sign that they're getting ready to clear these out in preparation for the next awesome Lazer Tag system by STM that's scheduled for Winter of 2012.  Folks, if you haven't gotten an LTX yet... now is the time to do it.  This sale price ends on Nov 23rd.  I can't really imagine retailers letting these go much cheaper unless it's liquidation time.

I found a really odd/not so surprising blaster in the Toys R Us toy blaster aisle.  Looks a whole lot like a Gears of War blaster (of which the name of has escaped me for the moment).  Much like the Halo-styled Assault Rifle we saw a year or two ago, looks like it's the season of Lawsuits for these guys again!  The chain does actually spin... slowly.  It's also made of rubber so as to not maim your 4 year old cousin.

I was actually surprised to see this.  It's a new updated box art for the Firefly.  With the Rayven coming out, perhaps Nerf is attempting to get more interest in glow-in-the-dark blasters.  It is nice to see this blaster back again, as I thought it was on the road to being phased out a little while ago.  Some light mods can make it a REALLY great blaster to use if you haven't before.

Wal-Mart has their Nitron's on sale for 39.88 right now.  Not only that, but they've got the "BONUS VALUE" with an extra 20 round Disk clip with the disks to fill it.  It's a good sale for all that you get in there.  Even if you're on the fence about the Nitron's poorer-than-expected performance, I think this makes it worth the purchase.  Plus, you can give that 20 round clip to your Praxis if you're a fan of that!

And finally, a find at one of my Thrift Stores has me smiling.  Drac did a review on one of these awhile ago and I remembered my friend having one when I was younger.  I hadn't seen one since Drac did that video, so it was ironic to see it again.  To add to the Irony, there were TWO of these there and they were BOTH missing the same panel that Drac's was (opposite side of the truck).  Though it was a tempting buy at 2.48USD, I decided to let someone else enjoy it.

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  1. seeing the firefly reminded me to ask you if you saw the minimized one that i did for your giveaway. so have you seen it? if so what do you think?-Icicle/hippo