Friday, November 18, 2011

Longstrike Blur: Progress 1

This is a project I wanted to get started on back in August but finally got around to resuming work.  The Longstrike Blur is based off of a Whiteout Nerf Longstrike CS-6 with an OMW Stage 1 kit (and soon to be a Massacre kit too) with a shotgun-style priming system.  Well, today I took a big step forward with starting work on the new priming system.  The only alteration to the body of the Longstrike were two lines along the sides near the front to accomodate the rails that will help guide this system and keep it on-track.  At the heart of this structure is an Aluminum frame.  It attaches to the bolt sled's original priming system.  At the front of the blaster, these aluminium bars meet where the foregrip will be.  This was a tedious process and isn't complete yet, but I thought I'd share some progress pictures of the buildup and progress.  There are four pieces of aluminium at work here.  Each side has a piece that attaches to the bolt sled and then, near the front, there's an "L" shaped piece that acts as a guide in those grooves I cut into the front of the blaster.  There's still more than enough structure in there to actually leave the rest of the Longstrike intact.  Next up, I've gotta attach the two sides together and start work on the foregrip.

Getting there!


  1. Looks nice so far keep up the good work! FastForward.

  2. For slamfire: If you run a wire from the grip to the catch mech (and a few pulleys, just to redirect the force) you can make it so that when the arm slides forward it pulls the catch mech to shoot it. The only design flaw is that without further improvement slam-fire would be permanent. I was going to do this to a longshot, I planned to add a front handle to the pump system. This second handle's trigger would adjust the tautness of the wire and would activate/deactivate slamfire.