Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Redraw for Week #4 and Shelf News!

So as it turns out, our Weekly Giveaway winner from last week is unable to provide a shipping address.  I'm told that you can't deliver something without saying where it's going, so we're going to redraw!  And the new Week #4 winner is... Five Seven!  Or Echo... or whatever variant of those he's going by.  Make sure you send a mailing address to Icicle and he'll send out that Minimized Firefly to ya!

In the meantime, if you haven't entered to win the modded Sharp Shot for this week, time is running out!

Onto "some news".  I was at my local Toys R Us checking stuff out and I came across something I think Clip System fans will like:  TRU Exclusive Raiders with an extra drum.  They've done this before, but now it's an exclusive, so I think it'll get stocked longer on shelves.  The ones I found retailed for 34.99.  Even though it's TRU's usual high prices, it DOES come with that extra drum, which is still a good deal if you ask me.

I also found that Nerf video camera, but it's overpriced and has awful specs.  49.99USD for a Nerf labeled camera that's designed for "sport" use?  Don't even get me started on that awful digital camera or Flash drive.  My disappointment in Sakar Electronics just keeps getting better, huh?

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  1. 50 bucks for that camera?! No thanks! that'll probably retail for more than 80 over here, if they do sell ot here...