Friday, November 11, 2011

Congrats to Sinistrahd! Now, onto Week 3!

After entering all the names, our randomly selected winner has been chosen!  Our Weekly Giveaway winner for the Vortex Vigilon is Sinistrahd!  Hope you enjoy this new blaster!  Once I receive your shipping information, I'll send it out ASAP.

Thanks to EVERYONE who's been participating in this Weekly Giveaway series!  I'm so happy seeing so many folk's comments and opinions on the topics we have each week.  I've really enjoyed seeing what you have to say and the variation and similarities in what you think.  There's plenty more to come and I've been working on this week's prize the past few days!

First, the question for this week.  As usual, it has to do with the prize for this week as well.  There has been a lot of news in the past few months surrounding recolored blasters that are specific to retailers.  The Clear Series at Target has been neat with it's exclusive red darts to go along with them.  The Whiteout Series at Wal-Mart has Urban Taggers written all over it.  The Sonic Series for Toys R Us has been getting lots of new additions and is probably the most developed of the 3 big retailers (I think they have 8 blasters in that line!).  So I want to know this:  What has been your favorite exclusive series from the 3 retailers thus far?  Also, are there any blasters you hope to see that they haven't recolored for that line?

Now then, on to the prize!  Earlier this week I had a little fun with a Whiteout NiteFinder.  In a similar fashion, I picked up a Sonic Series NiteFinder and modded it's electronics a little bit.  I removed the Targeting Beam function and installed 3 White LEDs inside the blaster instead.  The effect is an illuminated green NiteFinder with power to boot!  It's got the AR removed, padding on the plunger, and a slightly stiffer spring to give it excellent range and performance!  The LEDs are bright enough that you can see it glow even during the day time, but obviously this blaster looks coolest when it's darker.

So if you want to be entered to win this fella, simply answer the question as a comment below.  Again, if you're registered to "Follow" my blog, your name gets entered twice!  Good luck to everyone and thanks for all the great responses I've been getting so far!


  1. I'd have to say that my favorite series was the Whiteout Series. I really was a Whiteout Spectre, but a Whiteout Recon or Raider would be awesome!

  2. I'd have to say that while whiteout definitely has the sickest design, the Sonic series intrigues me the most. The green/orange combination is an interesting choice, and comes out looking quite nice in most cases (pun unintended). Also, any thing with visible mechanics is awesome. It's just fun to see parts moving inside the blasters.

    Also, although I had never thought of it before I saw your post, clear blasters are the perfect canvas for LEDs. Pretty sweet idea, right thar.

  3. The sonic and white out are my favorite ones. they pop out at me and they just look great. sure the sonic guns are less powerful and the whiteout are more powerful they are still my favorite guns. the Red series was a close second.-Icicle/Hippo

  4. I think that the whiteout series is the best. It's exclusive to walmart but that's alright. mine's really close. The sonic series is good and bad. Some look really nice and some look like green popsicle sticks. I can't wait for the whiteout spectre because it could be my recon replacement. I am hoping for a whiteout recon for some reason. A repaint series of nerf isn't right without that recon.

  5. The sonic and clear both look rather nice, but i'm a fan for the whiteout series. Not just the color but the stylizing of the painted details are all very nice.

    And remember modders, it's the plastic itself thats white, which makes painting that much easier than yellow. And yellow plastic, it turns out, is a pain to paint.

    I'd love to see s Whiteout Alpha trooper, but thats never gonna happen, because Whiteout is wal-mart, and the AT is Target. So my official vote would go towards a Whiteout Barricade or Stampede.

  6. Aesthetic wise, the Whiteout Series looks the best. The orange and black decals look fantastic, especially on the Longstrike.

    The Clear Series... I barely see anymore! My Target doesn't seem to carry them anymore. The red darts were a really neat addition.

    The Sonic Series I'm not all that crazy about. Some blasters look good with that clear green, but others... don't. This is mainly in areas with a lot of orange with the green. It looks... off.

    As for certain blasters being released with certain colors, I think the Alpha Trooper needs some love. Seeing as how it's a Target exclusive though, I suppose the only color it could be released in is clear.:T

  7. Bacon series. Out-tastes all the rest.

  8. WooHoo, great end to my Veterans' Day festivities :D Thanks for holding these Zook. Might want to restrict winning to once per 6 months or year or something btw - to spread the wealth a bit more :D

  9. The Whiteout series is my #1 choice by far. That combo of white, orange, and the grey and black detailing is just AWESOME.
    For the repainted blasters, I think the Whiteout theme would look good on the Recon and Alpha Trooper.
    C-dog (8-D

  10. well i liked the sonic series best (dont get angry at me for likin this series ppl) i think they stand out from the crowd when i first saw them i thought these will suck badly although they preform the worst compared to the normal blasters once modded these things are beasts. also a blaster i would like to see have a sonic series twin is the firefly thanx and bye!

  11. Wow, so many people like the whiteout! This is a really tough one for me because there are certain blasters I like the best from each series. However, I've ALWAYS wanted clear blasters since I discovered Nerf when I was little. That narrows it down to sonic or clear. I thought some of the sonic ones weren't really done so well, so I will have to go with the Target exclusive Clear Series. ^_^
    (My favs would be the Clear & Sonic Recons and the whiteout Longstrike.)
    ...I have trouble keeping things short...Thanks Bazookafied! I've been enjoying other people's thoughts on your questions!