Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Shelf News!

So a trip to my local retailers usually shows me what's going on in the toy world.  Sales around this time of year also generally reveal things to come.  Well, I've found quite the slew of stuff that pertains to me, this blog, and... hopefully YOU!  My devoted readers!

 Firstly, I swung by Target to see if those 18 Round Clips were out.  Turns out they are, and they retail at 9.99 USD.  That's not too bad and, if I wasn't so attached to my 18 round straightline clips from my Stampede, I'd go for it.  In my experience, the 18 Round Drum doesn't feed quite as well as the 18 round straightline clip.  But it may just be the one that I have has been overused like crazy.  Then again, my straightline clips get a lot of use too.  Oh well!  Go buy one!
 In the Lazer Tag world, the 2-Player LTX sets are marked down 10 bucks!  This puts them at the price of 59.99 USD.  If you're looking to build up your armory, now would be the time to stock up.  I suspect that these won't be on shelves too much longer, what with news of the next Lazer Tag system coming out next year.  Toys R Us is probably looking to get some shelf space back.  Sale ends Nov 23rd.
 I found some neat Air Zone blasters at Toys R Us too.  That Sniper Rifle that has been showing up on blogs has made it to shelves at 24.99.  Even though blogs have said that it's much bigger than you'd think, I still wasn't prepared for how big of a blaster this thing is.  Has quite a good amount of heft to it. 
 Also found those HvZ blasters on shelves too.  In the same way that I was not prepared for how big that Quickfire Sniper was, I didn't realize how small the HvZ pistol was either.  It's still a neat lookin blaster.  There's the TripleShot recolored in HvZ colors too, but the blue is a little different than the pistol.  I like the pistol's colors better.  Ironically enough, the HvZ Triple Shot is cheaper than the normal colored Triple Shot!  Wonder if there's a reason for that price change or if it's just a promotional thing?  Oh well!  If you're a fan of the HvZ blasters, or need a Triple Shot, this is the one to go with!
I also found this Quickfire Auto-Fed Belt Blaster.  It's a neat looking machine with a M16/M4 style stock.  Looks like it's adjustable the same way the real thing is too.  It's got a decent size to it and could probably work well as a Laser Tag recasing.  I had never seen it, nor seen it mentioned before... so here it is!

And finally, the telltale signs of Light Strike's marketing success are showing up.  Target has their Assault Strikers marked down 5 bucks and Toys R Us has done their fair share of mark downs as well.  It's not that surprising.  And while I'm impressed with what The Hive Mind has managed to do with their blasters, the folks who's opinions in Laser Tag really mean something to me don't have a whole lot of good to say about this system.  In a recent review off of the LTAG Message Board, Windjammer picked up a few, tried it out, and upon his review, returned them to the store for a refund.  You can read his review here

So that's what's going on at your Retailers shelves.  At least... the "important" stuff!

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  1. Toy's R US also had the LTX in their holiday ad for $59.99