Sunday, November 27, 2011

Black Friday Game Results

With a grand attendance of 19 players, we held our Black Friday Foam-tacular on November 25th at 5:30pm inside St Pauls United Methodist Church in Papillion, NE.  We played Nerf and Laser Tag games in the maze-like building until 10pm, so it was quite the evening!  Unfortunately, only this group picture exists.  We were all having too much fun to nab any pictures of gameplay.  Speaking of gameplay, it was quite the night with lots of memorable moments and interesting strategies.  From getting showered in darts from the balcony overlooking a room to some not-so-even randomly-picked teams, there was craziness left, right, and center.

Some impressive mods made their debut tonight with some good and bad results.  First, the bad.  See that guy near the center with the Clear Raider?  That's the shotgun-grip one I just modified.  It's now on my workbench being fixed.  Apparently he took the term "Slam Fire" literally and messed up the internals of the Deploy grip I modded onto it.  I may just revert it back to it's original handle.  As a result, I ended up loaning him my modded Whiteout Longstrike.  Thankfully he didn't break that one.  But there was some good news too, with my modded Vulcan EBF-25 owning the competition!  I suppose the only downside to that was that I was always on the receiving end of it.  Reports from it's users were quite favorable.  Because I was without my main blaster for most of the game, I switched to using a Magstrike.  In the past, folks using this blaster usually got owned because they would be out of ammo more than they were actually firing.  But if you ask anyone at our game how I did with a pair of Magstrikes and 2 extra magazines, they wouldn't tell you the same story.  I had a LOT of fun with that blaster and adopted some unorthodox strategies out of necessity of using them.

We played 4 Nerf Games of 20 minute increments before switching to LTX Phoenixes for Laser Tag.  We played 3 more matches with that and called it a night.  There were never really landslide wins for either side, so it was neat to have close matches and even rivalries.  I want to say almost all the blasters that saw action last night were modded in some way, so it was a pretty intense game.  My legs are still killing me 2 days after this 4 hour long event.  The verdict from everyone is that we want to do this again soon... and we will!

Keep it here on Monday for a full review of my completed Vulcan!


  1. I'm fairly certain there's a law somewhere saying you're not allowed to mention "unorthodox strategies" with out explaining what said strategies are.

    I could be wrong, though.

  2. Sorry to hear your Raider got busted. Sounds like a wicked fun time though. I bet the churchgoers will be finding darts in random locations for weeks.

  3. I'm jealous! But my friends got together Saturday and battled it out too. It's funny how in the pic some people have a few blasters while others only have a small *ahem*reflex*ahem pistol or nothing at all. ...They must be ninja.

  4. oooh!! I can't wait to read this review of the vulcan. so many people overlook it's awesome potential for wars, I'm glad to see someone using one!

  5. @ Eagle1011, actually everyone had at least one blaster. You just can't see some of them in the picture. But yes, you're right about the loadouts being very different. Some folks did well with the small blasters. Others found themselves switching to something else halfway through.